November 16, 2011

What We're Reading Wednesday: Links

Johanna, from Stop and Smell the Flowers, is mom to Tahlia, who is still waiting in China. Johanna shares about Tahlia's special need of cleft lip and palate, the preparations they are making for her arrival home and how they came to be a family, even though they were initially intimidated by her new daughter's special need.

Lori, who blogs at Stress Is the New Black, shares about her son Ethan's long-time fear of being without food and it's far reaching effects.

The Gang's Mama, from The Gang's All Here, writes about Lil' Empress and the challenges of parenting a child with deep-seated separation anxiety.

Follow Kyle Maynard, a quadruple amputee, and the entire Mission Kilamangaro team of "wounded warriors" as they climb Mt. Kilamangaro.

And lastly, if you're like all of us around here, you'll want to take a few moments (or hours!) and travel vicariously with these folks currently in China to bring home their kiddos:
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