September 15, 2011

Thursday Links (Just Like Wednesday Links, Only...Later.)

The links are belated today because—there's a really good reason—wait for it—I forgot it was Wednesday.

Travel vicariously with the Jones' and the Westhavens, in China now, and with the Bergey Dad—warning, if you read through the lines of the Bergey's pictures, you may weep for the foster parents, saying goodbye to a child they love. Do the whole trip with the family at Waiting for Vivi, leaving next week.

Support a big family in bringing home their TWO toddler boys at The Greatest Treasures.

As a special need, blindness feels, to me at least, particularly challenging. Moving Mountains Hubley Style is the story of a family and a 9-year-old child meeting that challenge.


  1. You crack me up, KJ.
    Thanks for sharing these... and for making me feel better that I forget what day it is all the time :)

  2. Love the title of this post! Priceless! :-)