August 24, 2011

Wednesday (ok, Thursday) Links

I love this post from Cornbread and Chopsticks both for its commentary on "special" and needs (in this case, unusual hands and feet) and really for its reminder about our kids' extra-sensitive little hearts.

A fellow AP living in Shanghai finds an abandoned (probably special needs) baby. A must-read for a rare glimpse into a part of the system APs never see.

I always like to give everyone a chance to follow a family in China: the family--both the "Vandalgrads" and at Baseballs to Bows are in Guangzhou, on their way home with their respective second daughters. And of course, once they're home, there's the settling in. I'm not sure why I want to relive that vicariously through others, but I do!

Finally, a family who's brought home their daughter knowing that she has a severe heart defect, and needs hope and—if you pray, and I know most of you do—prayers. Hope for Elisyn.

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  1. I LOVED that story about finding the abandoned baby, especially because it was written from the perspective of an AP. GREAT read.
    Thanks so much for sharing these, KJ.
    P.S. I live vicariously through traveling families too ;)