February 20, 2011

next shared list

The next shared list will be released on February 22nd.

Exciting news for all waiting families!

Please share your news with us if you are matched off this shared list, or have been recently matched... we'd love to celebrate with you!


  1. I always get excited when I see this each month. I just think about how far we've come since getting matched in Sept. We leave on Tues. for our little girl. At the time we got matched, 6 mos. seemed like forever to wait....now that it's here, I can't believe how the time flies. COngrats to all getting their little ones matched this week!

  2. We were matched back in November off the shared list. Our daughter, Caroline Wenai, is 3 and lives in the Guangdong Province. We just started a blog www.theateamgoestochina.blogspot.com. We hope to travel to China in May.