January 13, 2011

next shared list

The next shared list will be released on January 18th.

Which is wonderful news for all the families waiting to be matched!

Please share your news with us if you are matched off this shared list, or have been recently matched... we'd love to celebrate with you!


  1. It's been about 6 months since we were matched, but we are waiting for our LSC on a soon-to-bee 2yr old boy with unrepaired bilateral cleft lip & palate!!! He will be our 2nd son from China with the same special need!

  2. We were matched from the December list with a beautiful 7 month old baby girl with unilateral CL/CP! We're hoping to travel in April or May to bring our baby home!

    Good luck to the families praying for a match from this list - I will be praying for you also!

  3. Tracey! How exciting!! Wow, that's wonderful news... congratulations on your newest little boy! Hope you are able to travel for him SOON :)

  4. Hey Nicole!
    Thanks for sharing your news... I peeked at your blog and your new baby girl! What a cutie pie!!

  5. We found our son on the shared list just before Christmas, and submitted LOI on 1/6. He's eight months old, has a minor heart defect and post-operative sacrococcygeal teratoma, and is cute-as-he-can-be. :o)

  6. Yay!! Jerusha... your little guy is positively adorable! LOVE that big ol' SMILE :)