December 15, 2010

What a Difference...

There is nothing like looking at "before" and "after" pictures to see the difference a family makes.

One year ago today, I wrote my post for NHBO from China.  I had just met {the day before} our 10th treasure  - Jubilee Promise!  Yesterday as I was looking at pictures from that day one year ago, I was moved with such emotion. 

When we had been sent pictures of her waiting in China her hair was so thin.  It appeared almost like she was balding.  Since coming home, her hair has grown so much thicker.  While it might have to do with nutrients she is now getting, I just can't help but wonder if at the bottom of her thin hair was the stress of not "belonging"?    

In the early days home she would nervously clean up anything that she deemed messy.  I watched her wondering if she was trying to be "needed" so she didn't have to go back?   Maybe not, but more than once it has crossed my mind.

Her language and understanding of basic things are still both so limited, we may never know anything about her first eight years in China - which breaks my heart.  What were the first 8 years like?  Watching her these last 12 months, no doubt they were not easy.  

Having family even means having big kids who are friends of older siblings who love you too and will play with you! {Even when you are accidentally poking them in the eyes!}

The Family all together celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving
{before our oldest son Tyler depl*yed with the Special F*rces}

{and Lord willing, there will be more!}
Since coming home, somewhere along the way, Jubilee's joy became clearly seen - her smile is authentically mixed with contentment and peace.  She knows she belongs.  She knows that if she is hurt, we will quickly respond.   If she is scared she knows we will scoop her up and protect her.    She knows that if she is hungry, her tummy will be filled in no time.   {No need to hide food, there is plenty in the cupboards, refrigerator, pantry, and even on the counter!}  She knows that accomplishments will be cheered, trials will be shared, troubles will be divided, and unconditional love will always be multiplied!

Forever changed by a forever family.  Oh!  If only every orphan knew that joy!

Linny @ A Place Called Simplicity


  1. I LOVE how you put it..."troubles will be divided" Beautiful!

  2. What a difference, indeed!
    It's amazing the difference that love can make :)
    Congratulations on one year together, Linny!

  3. Agreeing with Laine! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jubilee's smile. She must definitely light up your home and family too! Thanks for sharing!