November 3, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Each Wednesday we post links from the previous week that touch on special needs adoption. Our hope is that these small snapshots provide you with a glimpse of life after adopting through China's waiting child program... both the long-term blessings and the challenges that come with parenting a child with special needs. We also hope to raise awareness about a variety of special needs.

That Sounds Super Fun!!! -- adoptive momma (Korea) Elizabeth at Romans 8:15... on the tests required to discover whether or not her son is having seizure activity

It 'just happens' to be that God gets the glory
-- adoptive momma (China) Ohilda at A Bouquet of Blessings... on a recent trip to the hospital for testing

This girl...
-- adoptive momma (China) Joanna B. at Waiting for Two... an update after exactly two months home

Saying no... is REALLY hard -- waiting to adopt (China) Lindsay at Griff & Em Growing... on saying no when a social worker calls with a specific child (or children) in mind

Relocating Kids With Disabilities... What I Have Learned So Far -- adoptive momma (domestic) Dorothy at (Sub)Urban Servant... listing a few of the challenges they've encountered since moving to a new state

God delivered a miracle yesterday...
-- adoptive momma (China) Diana at First a Pearl, Then Two Rubies... excellent test results after her daughter's recent surgery to remove her spleen

Surviving Epilepsy -- momma Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing... on her oldest son's six years seizure-free, after several years of seizures that first appeared at age two

Surgery Day -- adoptive momma (China) Stacy at Our Red Thread to Cadence... palate surgery, as well as ear tubes and dental fillings

Is the Third Time a Charm? -- adoptive momma (China) Rebekah at Our Neck of the Woods... wondering if this third surgery to correct her son's hypospadias will be successful


  1. Great links this week, TM!
    Really, they're always great links :) I really look forward to Wednesdays!
    Thanks for posting these for us to enjoy!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our story. :)