November 21, 2010

lots of wonderful news

The next shared list will be released on the night of Monday, November 22nd. If you are matched from this list, or were recently matched, please share your news with us!

Additionally, CCAA has just announced that families may adopt two children using the same dossier if at least one child is designated as “Special Focus”...  even if the family has already returned home with their first child. The application for the second child must be received less than 1 year after the first child’s adoption.

Also, families who already DTC for a non-special needs child may adopt a Special Focus child and still keep their spot in line for a NSN referral.


  1. So incredibly overjoyed and beyond thrilled to announce that we have a daughter! We received a referral from the Nov. list, and we sent our LOI this morning. Oh, Happy Day!

  2. YAY Lindsay!! What exciting news for you and your family!! Can't wait until she is in your arms :)
    Thank you for sharing your blessed news with us!!

  3. okay I really don't understand this new thing with adoptions.
    If you just came home with a child can you use that dossier for another child within a year?? just trying to understand. Not really sure who knows, maybe you do?