October 1, 2010

a brush with the shared listing

We recently had a brush with the CCAA's shared list. And it was positively wonderful.

And the best part? We found our daughter.

We began this journey to our daughter in early April. Shortly after my husband read this post. I'd been waffling back and forth wondering what God was up to... but after my husband's heart was pricked there was no turning back.

Fast forward through mountains of paperwork, numerous mini-anxiety attacks on my part, several files poured over and many prayers prayed, we completed our dossier without 'finding' our child. In late August we were done with the paperchase and in early September our dossier was on it's way to China.

On September 16th we received our LID. And learned that the next shared list was on the way in just a few short days. Goodness, gracious.... the somersaults this old stomach endured during those few days.

Our beloved agency coordinator told us we could get a call at anytime after the shared list was released. She also mentioned that we might not even receive a call, if she was not able to lock in a file matching our checklist.

We were also reminded that if a file was locked, that there was a chance that the child might have more special needs than we were ready to handle. That in locking in a file off the shared list allowed only a cursory look at the information and to spend the time required to fully read an entire history would forfeit a chance to even consider the child.

Also we knew that our caseworker would be looking for files for two other families that were waiting, so until all three families had a file to consider, no one would hear anything.

But, most of all, we knew our agency coordinator was going to do everything she could to find a child that she thought was perfect for us.

So we waited.

And we wondered.

And we prayed that no matter the outcome, that God would do His thing.

Right as we turned the lights out on Sunday night, the sound of the phone ringing split the silence. We knew there would only be one reason for a call this late at night.

And it was news about our girl.

"I have a file for your family to consider."

"She will turn one year old in two days."

"Her special need is that she is missing some fingers."

"She has the biggest eyes I've ever seen."

That was it. All we needed to know.

This was our girl.

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