September 17, 2010

Moon Festival Links

The Mid-Autumn Festival will occur this coming Wednesday, September 22. Check out these links for some ideas as to how to incorporate this Chinese holiday into your family's traditions.

Autumn Moon Festival is coming! ... Malinda also compiled a list of links; I don't want to repeat too many, so be sure to check out her list as well (lots of great sites for recipes, crafts and such)

Great Children's Books for the Moon Festival ... a list of children's picture books compiled by Tonggu Momma (oh, wait! that's me!) about the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncakes ... Aunt Lolo assures me that this mooncake recipe is the most authentic one she's found on the web (she should know: her mother-in-law would be sure to tell her if it wasn't!); if you're feeling intimidated about cooking this delicacy, you can either check out this tutorial (video!) or try this recipe that Sandra used with her girls, which - while not authentic - is quick, easy and tasty

Celebrating the Moon Festival ... I love Kristi's ideas about how to share the Moon Festival celebration with a kindergarten class, especially the mooncake made from modeling clay craft

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival ... why one China-adoptive family chooses to celebrate this holiday, and it's tie in with adoption

Bubble Tea ... bubble tea with tapioca pearls is fast becoming a popular sweet treat during the Moon Festival; this fruit smoothie version is a popular hit with our Tongginator and her gaggle of friends

Also be sure to check out this podcast about the Moon Festival created by Chinese Pod.


  1. Oh thank you...perfectly timed links that I need for next week!!!!!

  2. LOVE this accumulation of fantastic links TM!! What great stuff you've collected here for us :)
    Thank you!!