August 14, 2010

next shared list

Will be released August 17th!

Fantastic news for all families who are hopeful that this month's list will bring news of their child. If you do receive a referral off the shared listing, or have received a referral off the shared listing in the last few months, please leave a comment, we'd love to share in your joy!

Congratulations to the following families who have recently been matched off the shared list!



  1. We received our referral in April and hope to travel this fall to bring home our 2-year-old son, Levi!! I love this website! Thank you!

  2. We received a referral for a 17 month old girl on June 22. We will be leaving Sept. 2 to get her and can't wait to finally see her in person! She has a congenital heart defect that will most likely require surgery very soon after we get home.

  3. Hoping to see lots of matches tomorrow morning!

  4. Yay!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your news with us!!