August 18, 2010

China introduces "special focus" children

CCAA will now be spotlighting certain children on the shared listing as "special focus" children, opening up new opportunities to help place these older and/or children with more significant special needs.

The opportunity to adopt two children at the same time is addressed and seems to be something CCAA is more enthusiastic about, when at least one of the children being adopted is a "special focus" child.

Read an article outlining the new program on Rainbow Kids.

And another article about the new program on China Adopt Talk.

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    DH asked me if I thought our two boys tugged at anyone's heart in some way to help bring this to officially be. I'd like to think so! But however it came to be, I am just excited.

    Now I KNOW I need to keep blogging about some of my recently relized Adoption Realities!

    Thanks for sharing Stefanie here on NHBO.