August 5, 2010

the changing face of China adoption

Great post over at the LWB Community Blog by Amy Eldridge on the ongoing change in the China adoption program.

"Ten years ago, only 5% of adoptions from China were from the special needs path, while in 2009 this number had risen to 50% of international adoptions." - Amy Eldridge

Read the post in it's entirety here.

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  1. Having 2 children from China that would be classified "Special Needs" adopted from the SN route & one adopted NSN, & later identified with needs (that would have placed her in that category), we have a lot friends with adopted Chinese children with SN within our circle. So much so, that when I told my kids that a work colleague was in China getting his new (NSN) daughter, they wanted to know what her need was.....Can she walk? Can she hear? Does she have a hole in her lip? Does she have funny hands or feet? When I told them she could do everything normally, they were a little perplexed...Mom, are you sure she is from China???
    These are the things they see in common with their Chinese friends. We have a lot of friends with NSN kids as well, but somehow, in their minds...a NEW baby / child from China often means a child with a SN.
    It is a hard enough challenge to teach young children not to conclude that every child coming out of China is SN, not to mention an uneducated public.