June 30, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Each Wednesday we post links from the previous week that touch on special needs adoption. Our hope is that these small snapshots provide you with a glimpse of life after adopting through China's waiting child program... both the long-term blessings and the challenges that come with parenting a child with special needs. We also hope to raise awareness about a variety of special needs.

Cognitive Skills ---- boring, right?
-- adoptive momma (China) Heather at Noodles, Tea and a Didi, Please... on normal developmental delays due to a lack of exposure to things

Hospital Day 2 -- adoptive momma (China and Ethiopia) CW at I Will Pull This Blog Over!... their second day in the hospital after p-flap surgery

Restoring Resourcefulness -- adoptive momma (Ethiopia) Tisha at Deutschland... on how she changed their family budget to help pay off hospital bills

Educating May -- adoptive momma (China) Sister Carrie at Jiaozi... how her daughter, adopted at age eight, adapted to the American education system over the past several years

Faith's Heart -- adoptive momma (China) Snapshot at Somebody Needs a Nap... on her daughter's heart PDA with a high velocity

Be Still... -- adoptive momma (China) Nicole at The Baker Sweets... on feeling the pull to adopt a child found on the special needs list

Running Through China: A Stop at the Henan Cleft Healing Home -- adoptive momma (China) and executive director Amy Eldridge at Love Without Boundaries... visiting the little ones at the Henan Cleft Healing home in Kaifeng

A Pleasant Surprise -- adoptive momma (China) Annie at Cornbread & Chopsticks... a recent conversation at the pool that didn't turn out the way one momma expected

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