March 13, 2010

Good News Bad News

Disclaimer: After being home from China one week, my mushy jet lagged brain is having trouble coming up with something profound and beautiful. So it is what it is, folks!

In special needs adoption, there is a lot of good news & bad news. (What am I saying? In LIFE there is a lot of good news & bad news, amen?)

Good news: More special needs children are being adopted.
Bad news: A few agencies are being less ethical in the process.

Good news: The U.S. is trying to make the paperwork as thorough as possible to prevent unethical procedures.
Bad news: It adds lots of time to the waiting for your child to come home.

I could go on and on.

I guess I've been thinking about good news and bad news a lot these last few days. We have been home from China one week. It has been one more roller coaster of good news/bad news.

Good news: Your son is delightful!
Bad news: His heart is very sick.


Thankfully, good news and bad news does not define our days unless we allow it.

I have heard more than one mom say that her child's special need does not define her child. AMEN to that. I think we can expand that perspective to everything else in life. The only things that define us are what we CHOOSE to define us. If I ALLOW bad news to define my days, I choose despair. If I ALLOW my faith in a miracle-making God to define me, I choose hope.

Today, I choose hope.

Bad news: Some things in life require taking a huge risk.
Good news: It is worth the risk!
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  1. I stand by you and choose hope as well! And yes, that sweet little boy of yours is worth the risk...
    Beautifully written in spite of (or perhaps because) of the jet lag my friend!

  2. Girl, I just LOVE the way you think :)
    Truly God-inspired! How He must love it when we trust in Him completely, and find JOY and HOPE... and not dwell on all the negatives.
    Praying for BIG things for that precious little one of yours!!
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful jet-lagged heart of yours :)

  3. Thank you for your heart. I also believe we need to choose everyday how we will react. It is a choice. Do we live it joyfully or not? Sometimes it is hard to choose joy when life is rough.

    This is the day the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and be GLAD in it!

  4. Beautiful post. Choosing joy … it is a sweet place.

    BTW, I would really like to pray for your son and follow along on his journey to a healed heart. If you are allowing more invites to your blog … my email is cljjs (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    I am wife of the prez and a fellow contributor on here. More importantly, I am the proud Mommy of one heart baby from China and another on the way home … God willing, next month!

    Thanks for your post so much.