February 12, 2010

word from CCAA

**update ~ a second agency has also confirmed this statement from the CCAA regarding the individual lists. This agency will be sending their individual files back to the CCAA very shortly **

We have recently learned of an agency that is stating that the CCAA will no longer be designating agency specific lists. This means that the files of special needs children will be accessible through the shared listing only.

We don't know when this change is supposed to take place, or what that will mean for the files of children that are currently designated to specific agencies.

When we know more, we will share it here.


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  2. Oh my goodness. I had no idea this would all be happening so quickly. Thanks for sharing what you know!

    Like you, this is so upsetting. I hope this leads to a better program for all these kiddos who need to find a home NOW.

  3. I'm curious: do you think this is a reaction to the "cheating agency" scandal that has been rumored around the IA circles? I just heard wind of some scandal the other day and then this. . . And do you guys think this will be good for the overall Waiting Child program or will it make it longer, harder, etc. to pursue a sn adoption? Finally, are ANY agencies being exempted from this new ruling or are all being treated the same now?