February 24, 2010

Whatever Wednesday

Each Wednesday we post links from the previous week that touch on special needs adoption. Our hope is that these small snapshots provide you with a glimpse of life after adopting through China's waiting child program... both the long-term blessings and the challenges that come with parenting a child with special needs. We also hope to raise awareness about a variety of special needs.

-- adoptive momma (China) AmFam at American Family... detailing the progress her daughter has made because of vision therapy

Thirteen -- adoptive momma (China) Sister Carrie at Jiaozi... her daughter, adopted just four years ago, becomes a teenager

Jacinda's Follow-Up Appointment -- adoptive momma (China) Sherry at Our Adoption Journey... a doctor's assessment just two weeks after her daughter's cleft palate surgery

gorgeous -- adoptive momma (China) Stefanie at Ni Hao Y'all... a cardiac check-up four years after open-heart surgery

Josie's Heart Appointment -- adoptive momma (China) Kim at Musings from Kim K... a report after her daughter's twice yearly cardiology appointment

Boundaries, Part 2 -- adoptive momma (China) Wuxi Mommy at Our Wuxi Girl... establishing boundaries amidst attachment struggles

Older Child Adoption: The Decision (Requested Post!)
-- adoptive momma (China) Jean at There's no place like home... how she and her husband reached the decision to adopt an older child

No more teasing... -- adoptive momma (Guatemala) Michelle at Michelle Smiles... a recent experience with medical testing for her (biological) daughter

"I Can Say My R's!!!" -- adoptive sister who is like a momma (China) Missy at Live Big and Laugh Often... quoting the first words her sister spoke after a recent lingual frenectomy

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  1. Oh, thanks for sharing this list. As the mom of a newly adopted child (9 year old from Guatemala who has experienced abuse/neglect/extreme poverty) I love hearing how other adoptive moms handle the needs of their special children. We're feeling led to adopt a special needs child from China next and LOVE this site.

    Kathie at http://goodnessandmercyshallfollow.blogspot.com