November 11, 2009

Whatever Wednesday

Each Wednesday we post links from the previous week that touch on special needs adoption. Our hope is that these small snapshots provide you with a glimpse of life after adopting through China's waiting child program... both the long-term blessings and the challenges that come with parenting a child with special needs. We also hope to raise awareness about a variety of special needs.

Literally One More Step -- adoptive momma (Russia, Ukraine and Siberia) Christine at Smiles & Trials... photos and a description of her son's recent casting for his ankle foot orthotics (AFOs)

Shriners and So Much More -- adoptive momma (China) Tami at Sea Glass & Jade... a recent visit to Shriners Hospital fosters a special connection between two girls

Response to Yesterday's Comments -- adoptive momma (China) Rumor Queen at China Adopt Talk... navigating the world of speech therapy

A Young Man's Testimony to Suffering and the Sovereignty of God -- Joe Eaton, an adult who copes daily with disability, at the volunteer disability ministry blog The Works of God... Eaton explores Scripturally why God allows disability and suffering

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