October 26, 2009


As a mom to three special needs children from China (one CL/CP, one microtia/atresia, one radial club hands), I am learning to see things in a different light. With each adoption, I learn the art of looking at life through the eyes of a child more and more. As they are growing older and becoming increasingly aware of the differences in their physical appearances, I learn new perspectives on what the world sees as a deformity.

I learn THEIR perspective on their own special need.

Case in point:

When a mom of seven children takes a shower, you never know who is going to burst in the bathroom with an earth shattering proclamation. Today it happened to be my four year old, Kimmie.
"Mom? When Candie goes to Heaven, will her ears be wike mine ears?" Stunned by her question, I mumbled something profound like "....uh....yes"
"And will my hands be straight?" Pulling myself together (as much as one can do with shampoo running down one's face), I explained that yes, your hands will most likely be straight in Heaven. Jesus will give us new bodies and we will have no more boo-boos or tears or pain.
"Well...I wike my hands, cuz dem make a good turkey when I trace dem."

Oh Lord have mercy. I wike those hands too!!!!!!!!!!! Who knows...maybe all our hands will be turned inward in Heaven. ;)

May we all have that child-like perspective when we encounter those around us who are "different" from us, seeing the blessings and purpose in what the world may see as a pity or pain.


  1. I have tears running down my face! What a darling! And I'm with the two of you...I wike those precious little hands!!!

  2. "Maybe all our hands will be turned inward in Heaven"

    YES, YES, YES!!! I say all the time that since God pulled me head over heels into special needs adoption and the BLESSINGS these children are, I'm convinced God has cleft lip and palate, club feet and all sorts of special needs that we can't even fathom!!!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kimmie's perspective!!! And her Mommy's too!!! Great post!!!!!

  3. What a WONDERFUL post!! (Thanks Laine!) Oh the things we can learn from out of the mouths of babes! GREAT perspective, Kimmie!! ...What a bright little girl you are! <><

    love and hugs,

  4. Oh Laine, that Kimmie is absolutely PRECIOUS!! How I LOVE that sweet child... and her perspective is one we should ALL have!

    How I hope our Vivi embraces her sweet, short arms, just the way Kimmie has embraced hers :)

  5. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

  6. I love those sweet little hands of Kimmie's...but I love her sweet spirit even more!

  7. Oh, what a beautiful girl! And I agree, if you can make a good turkey with your hands, what more do you need?

  8. Adorable post - I got tears in my eyes . . . what a SWEET baby girl!

  9. Amazing little girl! Thank you so much for sharing. She knows how special she is and how special God made her.

  10. Oh Laine... that is just the sweetest! I can just picture her saying it in that sweet little voice. Thank you for sharing this smile!