April 8, 2009

Whatever Wednesdays

Each Wednesday we post links from the previous week that touch on special needs adoption. Our hope is that these small snapshots provide you with a glimpse of life after adopting through China's waiting child program... both the long-term blessings and the challenges that come with parenting a child with special needs. We also hope to raise awareness about a variety of special needs.

walking the line
-- adoptive momma (China) mama d at zarfing sunshine... a thoughtful post about advocacy and where to draw the line

Somewhere In Between
-- pharmacist turned stay at home mom Michelle, who regularly blogs at In the Life of a Child, at 5 Minutes for Special Needs... adjusting to life with a special needs child when crisis no longer looms on the horizon

A Little More About SuSu -- adoptive momma (China) Wuxi Mommy at Our Wuxi Girl... one three-year-old's initial adjustment after adoption, while the family is still in China

They're Off! -- adoptive momma (China) Mandi at The Journey Continues... her daughter Mylee's tenth casts finally came off (club foot)

Cleft Exchange Day One
-- the team at Love Without Boundaries... a volunteer team arrived in China and began performing multiple cleft surgeries

Choosing Among Children
-- foster momma (India) Sarah Bess at Sarah's Covenant Home... feeling pulled in so many directions because the needs are so great

There's no such thing as a bad egg
-- momma to a special needs child Heather at The Extraordinary Ordinary... a high school parenting experiment foreshadows her future motherhood

Speech Frustrations -- adoptive momma (China) Cheri at Infinite Love... about her daughter's significant speech delays, possibly apraxia of speech or dysarthria

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