February 7, 2009

No Hands But Ours first big GIVEAWAY!!

I want to encourage you to take the time to write up your child's story for No Hands But Ours. What to write about?? You could share how that particular child or special need took root in your heart or what made you decide to pursue a SN adoption. Or maybe what it's been like caring for your child and their SN since you've all been home. Or just simply how it all came to pass! You can share any or all of those things... or something completely different, it's up to you. I truly believe that in just sharing our story, or even just a part of our story, that others can learn, that children will find homes, and that God will use it to bring families into existence.

And the time spent writing and sharing your child's story will not only result in a treasure for your child to have in the future, but it will be a blessing to other families now. Families trying to understand and learn more about a need that seems awfully scary on WebMD. Or maybe a family that wants to adopt an older child but has heard one too many horror stories. Or a family that had, until now, thought that the term "special needs" always meant a lifelong debilitation. Your story just might be the reason a child that has had to wait too long might wait no longer... might find their family. How awesome to be part of that??

And, if that isn't enough of an encouragement, we'll be throwing a Suzanne Myers name charm necklace in to sweeten the deal. I have one myself and not only do I adore it, but Suzanne Myers is an incredibly talented and extremely kind person. So if you asked for one for Christmas, or just hoped your husband would develop some spontaneous ESP, but you got a new crock pot instead, be sure to get a piece of this action!!

Even if you don't have a SN story to share, you can still be a part of this! We want to not only thank you for sharing your story, but also recognize the many bloggers who have put our site button on their sidebar... this is our way to thank you for your incredible support!!

Entries will be given as follows:
1. For submitting a family story: 5 entries
2. For sharing your SN blog link: 1 entry
3. For putting the NHBO button on your site: 2 entries

If you commented on my previous post about this giveaway, don't worry, I've got you down! But if you've added our site button to your blog since then or want to share your blog link for our family stories page, let me know in the comments section HERE! And when you're ready to submit your story, email it, along with some pictures of your little one, to nohandsbutours@gmail.com :) And don't stress, your story does not have to be perfect, every story is perfect in it's own special way!! We are always happy to receive family stories!! But the deadline to be entered for the Suzanne Myers necklace giveaway is February 8.

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