January 22, 2009

News from Madison

Madison has been told to expect approval and implementation of CCAA's on-line referral system in late February or early March. This is perfect timing for families who are interested in adopting a child with special needs!

CCAA requires that families interested in adopting a waiting child must have a dossier already logged in through Madison in order to receive information about any child who is available for adoption from the shared on-line referral system.

It is no longer the case that families find the child FIRST, and then proceed with the paperwork. Families must be "paper-ready" before being matched with a child.

Families may still prepare a dossier for the traditional China adoption program and consider the referral of a waiting child once their dossier is logged in. Dossiers in the traditional adoption program can be transferred to the special needs program. If families do not identify a waiting child to adopt, their dossier will continue until they receive a referral in the traditional China program.

The interest in China Special Needs adoptions has increased over the past few years due in part to the long wait for a referral through the traditional China adoption program. Madison is very happy to be part of this new electronic referral system with CCAA so that waiting children can come home more quickly to their new families.

For more info, visit Madison's website.

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